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Owners/Exhibitors of Foreign registered Dogs

If you are the owner/exhibitor of a dog registered with a foreign registry (not yet dual registered with AKC) please review the eligibility requirements in The Rules Applying to Dog Shows, chapter 11 section 1.The dog show rules are posted on the AKC Web site at

Most important to note are the following:

1. Dogs must be individually registered with the American Kennel Club by the day of the event to be eligible for exhibit in the Bred by Exhibitor class.

2. Dogs are eligible to compete in AKC events using the foreign registration for a period of 30 days. That 30-day period begins with the date of first exhibit, regardless of whether the dog earned any points or awards.

To continue to compete in AKC events beyond the initial 30-day period the dog must be either individually AKC registered or by the date of the event have been granted an extension to exhibit using the foreign registration. The owner or agent can request an extension using the form found on the AKC Web site at you have question or need assistance with registration or obtaining an extension, please contact the AKC Special Services Department at: or (919) 233-9767 (followed by selecting option 4).