Judging Panel


Our judging panel is comprised of 3 judges:


1.  Breeder judge - this individual has a distinguished history and love of our breed.  This individual need not be an AKC licensed judge.  Please note that any breeder that has bred a Top 20 qualifier or that dog’s sire or dam, is ineligible as a judge

There are two separate categories of juding.


2. All Breed judge -  this individual is an AKC licensed judge who is fair, unbiased, and enjoys judging our breed.

3.  Handler judge - this individual has a successful history showing our breed and demonstrated a love for English Setters much akin to our own.  Please note, any handler that, at any point during the eligible calendar year handled a qualifying dog, is ineligible as a judge.


The judging panel is voted on by the owners of the invited dogs for each year's event.  One vote per invitee irregardless of the number of owners.


The ballot is composed by a completely separate committee aside from the Top 20 Event Committee.  The individuals that comprised this list of potential judges are not owners, breeders, nor owners of sires or dams of qualifiers.  This is done to ensure a completely unbiased list of judges and uphold the integrity of this event.  Along with that the ballots are sent to a completely separate individual for tallying.  No one from the Top 20 Committee nor the Judges Selection Committee is involved with tallying the votes.


In addition, the results of the voting and judging panel will be kept secret until the night of the event.  We believe this will add to the unbiased and fair nature of the event when the judges are revealed shortly before the start of judging.