Breeder’s Forum 2021 National with Taco Bar

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Our breeder’s forum will be a round table with a group of long-time breeders of English Setters.


There will be around 10 to 15 breeders participating in the questions and answers.


Listed below are a variety of topics that we hope to cover.

  • Importing/Exporting dogs

  • Frozen Semen and Fresh Chilled breeding, what are the percentages of success?

  • Age and how to select a show puppy

  • How important is it to show at all breed shows for all breed judges to see the breed.

  • Selecting a sire

  • Selecting a puppy for the field

  • Breeding with all/some health clearances

  • Breed Mentors

  • OFA – when to prelim

  • Breeding with the hopes of creating a dog to be campaigned or all breed dogs vs specialty dogs or not worrying about profuse coat because it can always be trimmed etc.

  • Is the reliance on breeding coefficients is a real thing and how it is used effectively if one has no clear idea of the dogs being analyzed in the pedigree. 

  • Exploring the concept of researching dogs in a pedigree by seeking out breeders and or handlers of said dogs and gathering your own “database” of info to use when choosing a stud dog. Do you have a picture of the majority of the animal in your pedigrees. Do you save puppy pics for further evaluations of subsequent litters?  

  • Opinions on early spay/ neuter. Age? Require of pet puppies? And why?

  • Do you allow folks to choose their own puppy or do you match puppy to owner?


Taco Bar will be available for pre-purchase at $21.00 per person and served in the forum area. The forum begins at 6 PM, join us for dinner and an animated discussion about our beloved English Setters. In 2019 we did a smaller version which was very well received, which is why we have expanded the event.


Be sure to sign up. We did this in 2019 and the round table discussion was very informative and some of the answers were surprising. Thank you in advance for participating, Melissa


For questions contact:


Melissa Newman

President PSESC



If you are only attending the Breeders Forum and will not be eating at the Taco Bar please just close the PayPal window after you submit the form.  All those eating at the Taco Bar need to continue with the PayPal payment.  Thanks! 

We look forward to seeing you there!