Explanation of the 2 DNA Tests

ESAA is offering 2 completely different & unrelated DNA tests at the Health Clinic this September.  Both are deeply discounted for Club members.  You can do one or both of these tests on the same dog.  Here’s a quick description of the 2 tests:


AKC/DNA = Also known as an “AKC DNA Profile”.  This test uses a cheek swab to identify 14 DNA markers that assign a unique identity to the tested dog.  The markers are also used to confirm the dog’s parentage.  This Profile is especially useful for male dogs that may be used at Stud.  To register any litter bred using fresh chilled or frozen semen the Sire must have an AKC DNA Profile.  A Frequently Used Sire (any dog siring >3 litters in a year or >6 litters in a lifetime) must have a DNA Profile.  Any male being collected for frozen semen must have a DNA Profile as well.  If you bought your dog from someone else you might consider doing a DNA Profile to verify their parents.

OFA/CHIC/DNA Repository = I like to call this the “DNA BANK”.  This test sends a blood sample to Columbus, MO where the DNA is extracted and stored indefinitely.  It’s available to carefully approved research studies.  Samples are identified only by number so the identity of a dog in any study is confidential.  ES don’t have gene tests available today for CHIC health issues (hip & elbow dysplasia, deafness & thyroid disease).  However gene tests may become available in our future because of the samples we put in the DNA Bank.  Also Important:  If your dog has a sample in the DNA Bank it can be tested using a new gene test when it becomes available (test is done at your expense).  Having a sample in the Bank would let you test key dogs in your bloodline even after their death.  FYI-Some breeders send samples from all the puppies they breed to populate the DNA Bank with complete families.  These families are extremely useful to researchers looking for the gene tests we want to develop!